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To say “Thank You” for your purchase of “The Psychology of Trading”, here is a short library of videos & written material that will help your daily trading mindset. Check back often as this list will be added to regularly.

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Introduction and Invite to Beta-Testing

Complete discussion on the terms and conditions for traders to participate in the Beta-Testing phase of my upcoming social-trading product offering. Currently–I am still accepting Beta-Testing accounts–but that could close at any time. If you are interested–please follow the “contact me” instructions inside the video!

What the Insiders Know Top traders know things that the average market participant doesn’t know; and it isn’t related to market analysis or study.

Five-Video Set “Bedrock Fundamentals”:

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The Top-Ten Mistakes FOREX Traders Make — Applies to ALL markets; not just FOREX participants; have a look and pass it on to other traders.

FREE 11×17 Poster “The Circle of the Trade” — A great visual aid to assist you in maintaining your non-attachment mindset; vital to the development of your market-centric paradigm.

Open Invite to Your Better Future — Some good reasons to consider becoming a full-time trader if you are not one now.

Why you should consider hiring a Mentor/Coach

View the video: “Master Your Market Power–the FIVE Simple Shifts to Trading Dominance” Hiring a qualified Mentor/Coach will dramatically shorten your learning curve and provide you with tangible benefits that will last for your entire trading career. There is a reason why top-performers have coaches….

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